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Keeping It Real


Eating and living a healthy lifestyle has always been my dads motto...so why can't you have a treat thats natural, healthy, yet tastes amazing? Well, dont look any further than right here at Macdaddys Cookies!!!

Keeping The Promise


Hello, I'm Corey Brysman (aka "The Cookie Kid") owner and creator of Macdaddys Righteous Cookies. I started this company with one goal in mind - to keep a promise I made to my dad which was to bring his amazing cookies to life! The journey started back in the late 70's..."Better Late Than Never" certainly holds true here as finally the stars have aligned and we are fulfilling the promise! Macdaddys Righteous Cookies is a celebration not only of my awesome father, but to every father thats out there striving to be the best that they can be. So, next time you try one of my awesome bite-sized cookies, please remember that it all started with a very simple promise. Please dig in and enjoy!!! 

Check out our press release here: https://prn.to/2ROhDD3

The Cookie Kid Unplugged

Thoughts from the creator of Macdaddys Righteous Cookies...