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The creator of MacDaddys Righteous Cookies tells the story...and oh what a story it is!!!

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What the heck is a Macdaddy???








5. THE "ONE"

We're uniquely different and we're definitely awesome!!!



How about a "pop in your mouth" sized cookie just when you want that little snack to satisfy the craving...

All Natural Ingredients


We source healthy, all natural ingredients creating a uniquely flavorful cookie without adding too much sugar and very little added salt. We care about health!

A Great Cause...


A portion of the proceeds from every bag of MacDaddys sold goes to this amazing non-profit which supports and assists fathers throughout the US to be the best dads they can be to their kids. We are very proud to do our part!

Macdaddys is fulfilling a big "dream"


My father created this amazing recipe a long time ago... Everyone who tried them loved them!

He had a dream of one day packaging and selling these awesome bite-sized cookies to convenience stores, supermarkets, and wherever cookies are sold. He wanted everyone to taste his cookie!


MacDaddys Seriously Righteous Cookies is Born!

The name speaks for itself - it not only honors my dad, but describes very clearly beyond a shadow of a doubt that these cookies are the REAL DEAL!!!


On a Mission...

As time goes by, we realize more and more that life is precious, fleeting, and we don't get many chances to make our dreams become reality. Well, here  at MacDaddys we've got big 

dreams...REALLY BIG DREAMS! We want to see MacDaddys Righteous Cookies in stores throughout the US 

Check out our latest press release:

We really Love Fathers!

MacDaddys is proud to support National Fatherhood Initiative® by donating a portion of its profits

After all, without my father MacDaddys Cookies would never be... So what better way to acknowledge my father than by acknowledging ALL fathers. We want to see every child grow up with an involved and committed father.

Since 1994, National Fatherhood Initiative® has been the leading provider of research on the benefits of father involvement for children and works to equip communities with fatherhood programs and education for dads across the nation. Visit to learn more.


Our ridiculously awesome flavors!


The amazing original cookie that started it all! Loaded with tons of chocolate chips, raisins, and walnuts...we add just the right amount of cinnamon and vanilla to bring out all of the phenomenal flavors you are sure to love. Having one just won't be enough. 



So, how about we kick it up a notch with our coconut version of MacDaddys... with all the same awesome stuff that's in our original cookies and than we add coconut milk, shredded coconut, and natural coconut extract. Think you just might go crazy for coconut! *Stay tuned for  launch date of Coconut Craze

And be sure to keep up with our progress because we have plans to launch a third flavor that's going to knock your socks off! WE'RE SERIOUS!!!

Psssst...  Do you like chocolate???  We can't hear you!!!

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A message from "the kid" - the cookie kid!

Healthy yet amazingly delicious!


A lot of tasty ingredients go into these super delicious little gems. This recipe was crafted and perfected by my dad... His relentless drive to come up with a cookie that was not only delicious but also considerably lower in added sugars and salts than a lot of the cookies currently on the market, drove him to work tirelessly on the recipe until he got it just right! We pride ourselves on using only all natural ingredients creating a sensational flavor and texture. We love them and so will you!!! 

Macdaddys Cookies

Eating and living a healthy lifestyle has always been my dads why can't you have a treat that is natural, healthy, yet tastes amazing? Well, dont look any further than right here at MacDaddys Cookies!!!


Corey Brysman, owner and creator of Macdaddys Righteous Cookies

Hello, I'm Corey Brysman (aka "The Cookie Kid") owner and creator of MacDaddys Righteous Cookies. I started this company with one goal in mind - to keep a promise I made to my dad which was to bring his amazing cookies to life! The journey started back in the late 70's..."Better Late Than Never" certainly holds true here as finally the stars have aligned and we are fulfilling the promise! MacDaddys Righteous Cookies is a celebration not only of my awesome father, but to every father thats out there striving to be the best that they can be. So, next time you try one of my awesome bite-sized cookies, please remember that it all started with a very simple promise. 


Check out our latest press release:

A seriously righteous graphic artist!

A special thank you to Seth Mularz from Key West, FL who is an amazing graphic artist that worked tirelessly in developing and creating our super cool logos and graphics for MacDaddys!


The original MacDaddys logo started with a "hand" sketch that evolved into this really awesome creative logo... and than we just had to incorporate a real MacDaddys cookie into our other logo. So cool!!!



Grab your bag of MacDaddys and look for the big one... or what we call "The MacDaddy"!!!

Every once in awhile, our bakers get a little crazy silly and accidentally throw a huge cookie, or what we humorously like to call a "MACDADDY" in a few of the bags here and there...This cookie is monstrous compared to our bite-sized friends and you're gonna need both hands to hold it... But don't be alarmed, as it's still loaded with all the same great stuff you've already grown to love! So, if you happen to be one of the super duper lucky individuals to get your hands on one of these bad boys, we want to know about it and reward you handsomely! So, before you gobble up this monster: 1)  Take a photo of yourself with the MacDaddy cookie in hand  2) Upload photo to your Faceboook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter pages using the hashtag: #macdaddyscookies  3) Go to the bottom of the website and fill out the email form letting us know you found the Macdaddy. 4) We will get back to you within 48 hours to let you know how to get your special gift from MacDaddys Cookies! Its that easy. -  But remember to do the hashtag first!    

So, we want to ask you one more time: 

                                 CAN YOU FIND THE MACDADDY???         

events calendar

Sat, October 27

Halloween Music Festival

4 PM - 11 PM

Schnebly Winery in Homestead, FL

+ Event Details

Sat, October 27

Halloween Music Festival

Fright Night with Music, Wines, Beer, and Macdaddys Cookies!!!

4 PM - 11 PM

Schnebly Winery in Homestead, FL

Tuesday, Oct 30

Tarpon River Brewing & Macdaddys Cookies Pairing Event

5 PM - 9 PM

Tarpon River Brewery - Ft Lauderdale

+ Event Details

Tuesday, Oct 30

Tarpon River Brewing & Macdaddys Cookies Pairing Event

Tarpon River Brewery infusing Macdaddys Cookies into one of their great brews creating an amazingly unique beer. Come out and have a few with your favorite Macdaddys Cookies!

5 PM - 9 PM

Tarpon River Brewery - Ft Lauderdale

Saturday, May 25

Coconut Grove Food & Wine Festival

1 PM - 9 PM

Coconut Grove, FL

+ Event Details

Saturday, May 25

Coconut Grove Food & Wine Festival

Great food! Great Wine! Macdaddys Cookies!!!

1 PM - 9 PM

Coconut Grove, FL

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